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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Biography, Net Worth, Family, Age, Nationality, Political Party, Education Qualification, Religion, Citizenship

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Indian-origin Rishi Sunak has become the new Prime Minister of Britain. Rishi Sunak has been elected the new leader of the Conservative Party. A new history was created as soon as he became the Prime Minister of Britain, who is the first PM of the UK who is of Indian origin. This is the first time in the democratic history of Britain’s 210 years that an Indian-origin Hindu person has reached Britain’s highest constitutional post as Prime Minister. Who is Rishi Sunak, Biography, Nick Name, Mother, Father, Brother, Wife, Children, Date of Birth, Age, Caste, Religion, Citizenship, Net Worth, Family, Education, Political Career, UK Finance Minister. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Biography, Net Worth, Family, Age, Nationality, Political Party, Education Qualification, Religion, Citizenship. Today we will tell you about all these things. Which is also important for you to know.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Biography, Net Worth, Family, Age, Nationality, Political Party, Education Qualification, Religion, Citizenship,
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Biography

Rishi Sunak was born on 12 May 1980 in Southampton, UK. His family is Indian Punjabi Hindu. His mother Usha Sunak was a pharmacist and father Yashveer Sunak was a general physician. He was the eldest of three siblings in his family. Yashveer Sunak who is the father of Rishi Sunak was born in Kenya. Wherein his mother Usha was born in Tanzania. Although his grandparents were Indians. That’s why they call themselves Indians.

Rishi Sunak and Family

Name Rishi Sunak
Date of Birth 12th May 1980
Birth Palace Southampton, Hampshire England
Father’s Name Yashvir Sunak
Mother’s Name Usha Sunak
Wife Name Akshata Murthy Sunak
Career Businessman and Politician
Political Party Conservative 
Nationality British
Religion Indian Descent Hindu
Book A portrait of modern Britain

Rishi Sunak Education

Rishi Sunak did his early education from Winchester College, which is a boarding school. There he was the head boy and editor of the school. After this he did his further education from Lincoln College, Oxford. where he studied politics and economics. In addition to his studies, he did an internship at the Conservative campaign headquarters. In 2006, he earned an MBA degree from Stanford University.

Rishi Sunak and Wife Akshata Murthy

While studying at Stanford University, he met Akshata Murthy Sunak, daughter of NR Narayana Murthy, co-founder of India’s well-known Infosys company. Where he and his wife were studying MBA. They got married in August 2009 in Bangalore city. Let us tell you that his wife is the daughter of Indian billionaire NR Narayana Murthy. She also serves as the Director of Catamaran Ventures. Rishi Sunak and his wife live near Northallerton, North Yorkshire. With whom his two daughters also live.

Rishi Sunak Education Qualifications

After graduating from England’s Wenchester College, Rishi received his complete education in England. This is a famous boarding boys school in England. After that, he graduated from Lincoln University. After that, he earned his MBA from Stanford University in 2006.

Rishi Sunak Business Career

According to Rishi Sunak’s biography, he started working in 2001 as an analyst in an American investment bank named Goldman Sachs. In 2004, he began working for the hedge fund management firm The Children’s Investment Fund Management (TCI), where he remained until 2009. He founded the firm Thelem Partners in 2009. In the year 2013, he worked as the Director of “Catamaran Ventures”. UK Limited,” but he resigned in the year 2015.

Rishi Sunak Political Career

Rishi Sunak stepped into the UK Parliament for the first time in the year 2014. In fact, when he reached Parliament, then former MP William Hague refused to contest Richmond. Rishi Sunak then replaced Richmond and contested as a Conservative MP candidate. In the year 2015, Rishi Sunak contested the election and won it. winning the election, he served on the UK Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee from 2015 to 2017.

After this, Rishi Sunak got huge votes in the year 2017. After which he was once again elected as an MP. Seeing his excellent working style, on 24 July 2019, Britain’s PM Boris Johnson appointed him as the Chief Secretary of the Treasury. In 2019, he was again elected as MP and this time he got huge votes. After which he became an MP for the third time. Seeing his talent and working style, he kept moving forward. After which on 12 February 2020, he was appointed as the Finance Minister in Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

Rishi Sunak as Chancellor of the Exchequer

On 13 February, Sunak was promoted as chancellor as part of a cabinet reshuffle. Javid had resigned that day after meeting with Johnson. During the meeting, Johnson offered to retain his position on the condition that he sack all of his advisors at the Treasury, who would be replaced with individuals chosen by Cummings. Javid told the Press Association that “no self-respecting minister would accept those conditions”. Some political commentators saw Sunak’s appointment as a sign of the end of the Treasury’s independence from Downing Street, with Financial Times chief political commentator Robert Shrimsley arguing that “good government often depends on senior ministers – and especially Se Chancellor – Being able to fight bad thoughts”.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Net Worth

Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murthy are the 222nd richest men in the UK, with an estimated combined net worth of £730 million, making Sunak “the first frontline politician to join the rich list”.

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Rishi Sunak Net worth as Prime Minister

As British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak takes over the top post, you must be wondering how much the UK PM earns and how many perks and perks he will get. The UK Prime Minister of the UK is entitled to a net annual salary of £164,080 (Rs 1.55 crore). This includes two separate payments – £79,936 (Rs 75.84 lakh) for his role as Prime Minister, and an additional £84,144 (Rs 79.83 lakh) as an elected MP (MP).

British Prime Minister’s Allowances

The top job also offers perks such as the right to live in 10 Downing Street and access to checkers, the prime minister’s official residence. Sunak will also receive an annual allowance of up to £115,000 (Rs 1.09 crore) annually to cover costs arising from performing public duties.

Source : Rishi Sunak – Wikipedia